CLUB 36: bringing the soul of “Bangkok” to Jakarta!!!

CLUB 36. Well, what can you say? The only club in Jakarta that gives you real bang - or should that be Bangkok? – for money. Yes, it’s a small fish in the Chinatown nightclub fishpond compared to its more illustrious peers - Stadium, Crown, Sydney, etc – but CLUB 36 has still managed to acquire LEGENDARY status thanks to its easy going vibe and thrilling sexy dancer performances.

In operation since 1993, CLUB 36 is located in the Jayakarta Hotel on Jalan Hayam Wuruk.

Although the club doesn’t have a dress code as such, I’d strongly recommend you dress to impress. Appearances go a long way in Indonesia and looking sharp can pay real dividends – or so I’ve found :)

It costs Rp75k to get in but you can redeem the entrance ticket for your first drink. To book a table the minimum charge is at least Rp1 million.

Prices are moderately high, but not always outrageously so. A 75cl bottle of JW Black goes for around Rp 750k and a pitcher of beer around Rp200k. Some of the cocktails are mind-blowingly expensive though – a waterfall (shot plus chaser) goes for Rp350k! (she’d better be worth it); a single tequila for Rp138k.

Avoid coming early to avoid the quiet patch.

It’s only after 10pm that the place really starts to heat up with the first sexy dance performance. Things then gradually degenerate and after midnight the real fun and games begin.

During the evening the Thai dancers alternate their performances with the local dancers and at the end of a performance the dancers sometimes melt into the crowd creating utter mayhem as ecstatic patrons bid for their attention.

If things get too much for you rent out a private karaoke room and a nice girl will keep you company for a mere 500k while you croon.

As a little tip, be informed that Wednesday is Ladies Night and the club is pretty much packed with those of the fairer sex.


Club 36 Hotel Jayakarta
Jalam Hayam Wuruk 126
Tel: 021 532 8682
Opening hours: 1pm to 5am from Monday to Saturday, and from 6pm to 5am on Sunday


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