Meet girls Jakarta

But where?!!!

Well here are some ideas, geographically grouped given the increasing difficulty of getting around this behemoth city.

Blok M, South Jakarta
If you want to start on the lowest rung of the ladder and then work your way up then Pelatehan Road in Blok M is a good choice. Located just behind the main shopping area, this rather grubby street is home to a motley assortment of girly bars, some more depraved than others. Have fun but take precautions and watch your stuff.

Kemang, South Jakarta

Far better than Blok M is the upmarket expat enclave of Kemang where there is plenty of good nightlife. Bars to try include Murphy’s, Eastern Promise, Die Stube and 999 - but probably not all in one night! Scoring here may prove more challenging but if you’re not lucky, at least you can get pissed.

Expensive hotel bars, Central Jakarta
One of the easiest places to meet girls is in the bars of Jakarta’s plush hotels, most of which are located in the centre of town. The downside, however, is the astronomical drink prices which can empty a wallet quicker than a shoal of piranhas can strip a buffalo. Places to check out include BATS in the Shangri La Hotel, CJ’s Bar in the Mulia Hotel, Tiga Puluh Music Bar in the Meridian, and Mo Bar in the Mandarin Oriental.

Meet girls Jakarta

Kota (Chinatown) clubs
Easily (sorry!) the best place in town to rave, Jakarta’s Chinatown is unapologetically raw, uncompromising and above all else LOUD. As many unstreetwise foreigners get burnt (not literally!), it’s best to go with someone who knows what they are doing and can speak Bahasa Indonesia well. Interestingly places to check out include Stadium, Sydney 2000, Sun City, Club 36, Golden Crown, Atlanta Discotheque and the highly notorious Terminal Classic at Classic Hotel.

Other notable mentions
Red Square. Famed vodka joint in Senayan.
Immigrant. Stylish central Jakarta hangout.
Jackrabbit Bar. Cool celeb-linked bar.

Meet girls Jakarta


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